About Toledo


Toledo is situated on the banks of the Maumee River and on the shores of Lake Erie in northwest Ohio.  It is also located close to some of the big cities in the Midwest and Northeast.  The city was founded in 1833 on the west bank of the Maumee River. Toledo is known as the Glass City because of its renowned glass industry that has a long history of innovation.  The Toledo industry of glass embraces all aspects of the glass manufacture such as windows, windshields, and bottles  and glass art. The Toledo Museum of Art has one of the largest historical glass collections in the country.


Cedar Point
America's Roller Coast includes 17 different roller coasters (that's the most of any other amusement park) and plenty of other rides to enjoy. .Directions & Map

Cedar Point Millennium Force Roller Coaster  Cedar Point Max Air  Cedar Point Power Tower

Maumee Bay
Who doesn't like to go to the beach? Going to the beach relaxes you and lets you escape from the stress of life. This beach includes renting out wave runners, hiking the trails, fishing, and so much more. Swimming pools and hot tub located inside the resort.Directions & Map

Maumee Bay Resort Pool  Maumee Bay Resort Building

Toledo Zoo
Will take you from the Arctic tundra to the African plains and from the tropical rain forests to the dry deserts, which is why this is one of the world's most complete zoos.
Directions & Map

     Orangutans at Toledo Zoo Polars Bear at Toledo Zoo

With over 10 parks located in or near Toledo, you can always escape to the park to walk the trails or even attend one of the events that the parks are having.

African Safari Wildlife Park
Have you ever wanted to feed a giraffe or an elk? Well here at the African Safari Wildlife Park, you can do just that. Drive the trail to see the animals and after that walk around to see all the other animals.Directions & Map

Ritter Planetarium
On clear nights, we look up at the stars and are amazed. Here at the planetarium, you can see presentations and actually know what you are looking up at the sky. After the presentations you can look in the sky using the the Ritter One-Meter Telescope (only on the first Fridays of every month) which is the largest optical telescope in Ohio.

Arts & Theater

Toledo Museum of Art
Paintings by world-famous artists, along with decorative glass works, sculpture, furniture, silver artwork, tapestries, and graphic arts are on display at this museum. Special exhibits and programs also are held here throughout the year. Directions & Map

Valentine Theater
The Valentine Theater is a recently renovated theater in downtown Toledo. The theater will showcase the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, Toledo Opera, the Toledo Repertoire, and many additional forms of entertainment.Directions & Map

Toledo Symphony Orchestra
Presenting more than 50 concerts from September through June, this orchestra performs musical styles ranging from pops to classics. Guest artists also are featured. Performances are held at the Toledo Museum of Art's Peristyle Concert Hall, the Masonic Auditorium, and other locations throughout northwest Ohio.Directions & Map

Toledo Botanical Garden
This 60 acre public garden includes perennial, herb, and shade gardens. In addition, a center for the arts, artists' studios, two gift galleries, and a garden cafe are located here.Directions & Map

Toledo Opera Association
The Toledo Opera Association presents a full series of grand opera and touring Broadway productions at various theatres throughout the city.


Fort Meigs
Built in 1813, Fort Meigs is the largest walled fortification in North America. The fort features museum displays, living history demonstrations, artifacts, and War of 1812 exhibits.Directions & Map

Toledo Firefighters Museum, Inc.
Featuring a $1 million vintage fire fighting equipment display, this museum also includes a collection of antique fire toys, Toledo Fire Division memorabilia, and a fire safety and education center.Directions & Map

S.S. Willis B. Boyer
Docked at International Park on the east side of the Maumee River, across from downtown Toledo, this restored Great Lakes freighter built in 1911 is open to visitors.
Directions & Map

Amish Communities
The Amish date back to 1525 when a radical group of Christians nicknamed "Anabaptists" sought a return to the simplicity of faith and practice as seen in the early Christian church in the Bible. See these communities of people that use no electricity, wear simple clothing, and live life as if in the early 1800s.Directions & Map